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✏️ Treats for Back to School

In this newsletter, you'll find discounts on select courses and worksheets to celebrate back to school season! We'll also chat bluebirds, recent happenings, and preschool.

Write on! TPK's Elegant Cursive Handwriting Worksheet is 15% off through this Wednesday, August 17th.

Back to School Treats

Even before I had children, August felt like a transitional month. Living in a college town like Boulder, things change around this time. There's a feeling of possibility, even for those of us who aren't in school. The upcoming fall days will invite indoor pursuits and give us long evenings to tap into our creativity and learn new skills. In celebration of this change, here are a few educational treats:

The Elegant Cursive Handwriting worksheet will teach you how to write in a beautiful, vintage-looking cursive hand.

15% Off the Improve Your Handwriting Online Course

If you want to improve your handwriting in general (print, cursive, and "pursive"), consider taking TPK's comprehensive video course.

Beginner's Modern Calligraphy Online Course | The Postman's Knock

More Calming Calligraphy Drills (Free Download)

Love TPK's 11 Calming Calligraphy Drills? More Calming Calligraphy Drills is a TPK subscriber-exclusive sequel. Let the relaxation begin!


15% Off the Elegant Cursive Handwriting Worksheet

Impress teacher (or your coworkers or just yourself) with gorgeous cursive handwriting! This worksheet provides ample practice.

While the goal of the course isn't to radically change your handwriting (it should still represent *you*), it doesn't hurt to try on a few new handwriting styles on for size! This is one of them.

15% Off the Beginner's Modern Calligraphy Online Course

When you need a respite from the stress of school, calligraphy is just what the doctor ordered.

This sheet features 10 calming calligraphy drills.

New On the Scene: Bluebirds

There's a new printable bundle available on the TPK website! In The Bluebird Bundle, you'll find several patterns and pieces of decoupage-friendly artwork. All artwork in The Bluebird Bundle is -- you guessed it -- bluebird-themed.

I love to decoupage these illustrations to create quick + cool mail art.
This mail art was created with the 5" x 7" crosshatched bluebird illustration from The Bluebird Bundle.

For more information and to see examples of work created using illustrations from The Bluebird Bundle, click the button below.


What Else is Happening at TPK?

Rousy iron gall ink
Rousy iron gall ink has to be mixed with purified Rocky Mountain water, then decanted into bottles and tightly sealed!
  • I created a Facebook group for The Ultimate Beginner’s Watercolor Online Course learners after receiving several requests to do so. In the (completely optional) group, students can share their watercolor triumphs, frustrations, and photos of their work. You can find a link to join the group on the course page.
  • The TPK YouTube channel is growing! TPK is known for its written blog posts and tutorials, and now its videos offer inspiration, too. (My favorite recent video is this one.)
  • "Gulick Style" calligraphy is coming along. I just finished creating an exemplar of a new calligraphy style, and I'll be working on letter formations shortly. Look for the new worksheet set in September or October!
My kids have been loving all the kitchen cabinet boxes in our living room.

On a personal note, my kiddo starts preschool next week. Preschool! Where has the time gone? We've got his little backpack and his water bottle (the extent of his school supplies list) all set to go! I think he'll have a blast: he's been going to nursery school for the past two years, and he loves getting to meet new friends. The only thing we're nervous about? Getting him to school by 7:50. We're not a family of early risers, so please wish me luck. Cheers to all the students and the parents out there who are gearing up for the fall semester!


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